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Word count for NaNoWriMo 2007, day 4

I've got 1942 words from today, for a total of 9017. Good god, that's almost 10k since Thursday. Holy shit.

Just FYI for anyone who may be reading this - I've decided to post my NaNo novel on this comm, though the entries will be f'locked. If you want in, just join. (Memberships are screened, due to paranoia and nosiness)

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Day 2 of NaNoWriMo 2007 - word count

So yay! I made the quota again today. 1898, making the total 5199. Sure, I could have gone for one more word to make it an even 5200, but then I'd have to add to it to even up today's total, and then the total total would have been uneven ...

I'm just really happy I made quota again.

Camilla had the awful thing happen to her, and we've now been introduced to the verging-on-cracked antagonist.

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First day of NaNo

I got 3301 words in today, and I'm feeling pretty good so far about where it's going. I hope it says that way - I guess I'll find out.

The next scene involves War doing something pretty awful to Camilla Sykes. But what can I do, he's War. He sees a need, and takes action. Compassion is not a deterrent for this particular Horseman.

I'm also finding I'm obsessed with War's normal-looking yet terrifying smile. Yay.
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NaNoWriMo starts this week!

And I'm really excited. I got to meet a lot of the local writers around town, and I may even get to join a local, year-round writing group. I think this is going to be lots of fun.

Of course, I *have* to keep saying that to myself right now. Mid-November, I'll probably want to flush the entire idea down the toilet.

But I'm going to work hard at it, even so.
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I'm doing it! I signed up, and I'm telling everyone I can think of that I'm doing it so I won't wimp out in the middle of the second week. Holy crap, I'm excited, and freaked out. Yay for getting my gumption up to try this!!
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New idea eating my brain, plus some shop talk

I started a new project today, since I am apparently insane.

Collapse )

And for shop talk - I know a couple of people whose father is a best-selling author. Not knowing the actual author very well, I chickened out of asking his advice on the publishing industry, but I did talk to his kids, who are both very much involved in the writing, editing and publishing process. Both are writers themselves.

They've said they'll look at my project when it's finished and give me their opinion, maybe some help getting started when the time comes. E. also said that one of the best ways to edit is to put the draft away for a month once it's finished, and then come back and read it again. She says she always finds huge things she wants to fix when she does that.

It's made me think about the writing/publishing industry, and how it seems like it's all about who you know, as well as the quality of your work. Sometimes *just* who you know, since I know plenty of good writers who are having trouble getting published.

I'm going to leave that on the boiler for a while, and keep writing regardless. If nothing else, I'm happy with the progress I'm making, and that's really good enough. Not everything, but enough.
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Near a benchmark - and a personal record breaker

I've got nearly 25k of words on my novel.


I know that this is much closer to novella than novel at this point, but the way I write seems to lead to a text-skeleton that needs much, much fleshing out. Therefore, I'm guessing this is about a quarter to a third of the eventual target.

Wow, that was a little daunting.

At any rate, I'll be writing more tonight, I think. I want to get to the end so I can start filling out my little anorexic baby.
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Wrote a lot today

I'm happy with my progress so far on my novel. I rejoined novel_in_90, and I did quota on the 1st and nearly 1000 words on the 2nd (today), so that seems to be working so far. I think I'm getting better at doing a little bit every day.

I'm also doing a fanfic challenge, called [Bad username: fanficwriters_anon], so I've got 500 words or more due by the end of the month. It looks like fun.